Shared CBD garden • Jane Copeland

A street full of small communal food spaces in Adelaide’s CBD (Kaurna Land)

About Jane’s street garden

Along with her neighbours, Jane has created beautiful shared garden spaces in their street and back lane - all right in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD.

The shared Ada Street spaces include communal fruit trees, veggie beds, planter boxes and an ever-expanding verge vegetable garden. They have transformed the area from a concrete jungle into lush, cool green spaces which are welcoming and great places to gather.

“I’m basically a guerrilla gardener - if I see a piece of soil, I just want to garden in it, and I don’t care where it is. I love the fact that in the city you can actually do so much. Just find some soil,” Jane says.

With the houses in the street having tiny front yards, space and sun is a premium. Their communal vegetable garden has been going for the last nine or so years. “There is no fence and it gets a lot of sun so it’s a perfect place to grow food,” Jane says.

Their shared street composting system is placed in a few locations and turned quickly into compost to then go back into the street veggie garden or for use in neighbours’ own gardens.

Jane also runs a small micro-bakery with sourdough bread sold through an honesty box on her front fence. “It’s an incredible way to strengthen the community, with people from the surrounding streets coming here,” she says.

Jane’s and her neighbours have done a great job converting neglected corners of the street into a vibrant space that provides food while also enriching the green space of the neighbourhood.

Jane’s top tips: “Keep it simple and grow things that work and that produce a lot, or continuously produce, such as leafy greens. And have a good compost heap so that you can have good-quality soil for your vegetable patch.”

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Resources mentioned in this video

  • One Magic Square by Lolo Houbein - a must-read book for anyone starting to grow veggies in small spaces (and written by a South Australian author).

  • Neighbour Day - an annual event, which Jane and her neighbours just happened to be celebrating the weekend after we filmed her garden tour.

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