Ligaya Garden • The Haines family

A tiny 360sq m block at Gawler South (Kaurna Land).

About the Haines’s garden

Ligaya Garden is located in South Gawler on a small 360sqm block, with a thriving perennial food forest in the front garden and a herbs-and-annual-veggies aquaponics system out the back. It is owned and managed by the Haines family - Malcolm and Jelina, and their son Marlon.

‘Ligaya’ means ‘the happiness that comes from family and community’ in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines - where Jelina was born. This is the guiding ethos for the family’s garden.

Jelina and Malcolm originally rented the property, before buying in 2015. They hit the ground running in the garden, planting interesting tropical and subtropical favourites such as sweet potato, ginger, turmeric and galangal. This year they are giving taro a try too.

They are advocates for small space growing, and say: “Lots of ideas scale up, but not all of them scale down.”

The family generously shares their many innovative garden experiments through their blog, YouTube and social media pages (links below). These are wonderful, regularly updated resources for anyone looking to grow food on a small budget, make use of recycled materials and maximise production in very small spaces.

The Haines family also enjoy learning about new food plants that will grow in South Australia’s changing growing conditions.

Their tips are: “Grow what your chooks love. If you’re lucky, you’ll have some left over for yourself.” We love it!

They added: “Seriously though, our message is one that you’ve probably heard many times before. Start small and grow what you love to eat.”

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