Formal edible garden • Monique Collins

A productive and ordered edible patch at Glenelg North, Kaurna Land (Adelaide)

About Monique’s garden

Monique first came to gardening five or so years ago when she grew flowers for her own wedding. She soon fell in love with growing her own produce after eating her first homegrown tomato.

From there, Monique’s passion for home gardening quickly grew. Needing more space for edible gardening, she pulled up the paving in her backyard entertaining area and set to creating a productive edible patch.

Her garden has many layers and is constantly evolving.

“Over time it has grown (as I have) to include a bit of everything! I grow fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers in my front yard, backyard and down the side of my house. I grow in raised beds, pots and directly in the ground,” Monique says.

Monique loves growing fruit for the sweet reward and also loves to grow unusual heirloom varieties you wouldn’t usually find at the supermarket.

She is passionate about helping others to grow delicious organic food in their own space and has started to help home gardeners through her new business The Edible Garden Co. Monique believes that, with a little helping hand, anyone can grow their own food.

She finds the whole process of gardening so rewarding. “Such joy, pride and fulfilment comes with harvesting my homegrown goodies,” she says.

A tip from Monique on getting started with your own edible garden: “Start with the soil and get to know what you’re working with. Then start small with herbs and leafy greens, get to know how they grow and your environment.”

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  • The Edible Garden Co - Monique’s business, specialising in helping you grow organic veggies at home.

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