North Brighton Community Garden • Alex Miller

A beautiful shared garden at North Brighton, Kaurna Land (Adelaide)

About Alex’s community garden

North Brighton Community Garden is located on a former tennis court on the edge of Bowker Oval, North Brighton. In 2019, following three years of hard work to find land, Alex Miller and a group of committed founders secured a home for their community garden and got started growing food at the garden almost straight away.

The garden design and ethos is based on permaculture principles, with the ethics of people care, earth care and fair share at the core of their decision making. All parts of the garden are integrated, with the committee conscious the small actions they take in the garden have a ripple effect out into the world.

A big focus for the garden is education and sharing information for help people achieve success in their own food gardens. Where they can, the committee sources locally and use upcycled materials in their built spaces.

North Brighton Community Garden has a number of features to make the garden as accessible as possible, including a sensory garden and wheelchair-accessible paths.

Their main focus is growing foods they love. “The first things we planted were natives including saltbush and samphire, and soon after we planted our deciduous fruit trees,” Alex says. They also love growing subtropical fruit, including four types of banana, dragonfruit, mango and avocados. A herb spiral grows an array of medicinal herbs for making into tea.

Alex’s tips for growing food: “Just give it a go! You’ll probably come across many people, articles and blogs telling you to do things a certain way - listen and learn as much as you can but eventually, you’ve just got to get out there and try. Mistakes are 100 per cent fine and the best way to learn.

“Look for solutions, not problems and most of all, just be kind to yourself, the earth and others.”

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Resources mentioned in this video

  • Raised beds based on Hugelkultur - an experiment in the garden.

  • The Seed Savers Network - an excellent Australian resource for anyone interested in learning more about saving heirloom seeds.

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