Wagtail Urban Farm • Steven Hoepfner

A microscale market garden at Mitchell Park, Kaurna Land (Adelaide)

About Wagtail and Steven Hoepfner

Wagtail Urban Farm is located on half a house block in Mitchell Park, less than 10kms from Adelaide’s city centre. The place is run by Steven Hoepfner, plus a small core team of workers and a dynamic group of volunteers.

The focus of the farm is on hands-on education and delivering the freshest and most nutrient-dense veggies to the local community. At peak production, they grow enough fresh produce to feed eight families a week.

Steven started growing stuff in 2010 when he accidentally spilt some birdseed on the lawn in a rental unit on the Gold Coast and corn seeds sprouted from the mishap. Two decades on, he still gets a kick out of every seed that germinates.

“There’s a pure joy in witnessing that transformation and then knowing the food is nourishing people’s bodies and lives,” Steven says.

Steven is also a renowned garden designer, workshop facilitator and speaker. Over the past decade, he has helped thousands of Adelaide gardeners learn to grow great veggies, fruit and native edible plants.

“I heard someone say once: Be who you needed when you were younger. This is the dream for Wagtail. To be there, gates open, for anyone that needs help growing their own food.”

Generous with his knowledge and always up for a chat, Steven invites you to visit Wagtail Urban Farm on Thursdays, to volunteer, learn and share information.

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Resources mentioned in this video

  • The soil jar test - for instructions, see page 6 of this informative ‘Growing Your Own Food at Home’ PDF by Salisbury Council.

  • Complete Organic Fertiliser, made by Steven and available for purchase from Wagtail.

  • Elliot Coleman’s books on market gardening techniques, which helped Steven decide the width of his high-producing garden beds.

  • The value of growing ruby saltbush for biodiversity - here’s a PDF link to the South Australian research Steven mentioned.

Download the video transcript

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Follow Wagtail Urban Farm

  • Wagtail regularly publishes informative how-to videos on YouTube.

  • Visit the farm (on Thursdays - contact Steven beforehand to ensure he’s on-site).

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